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Other Products » Fasteners and Brackets » Z Axis Cable Track - TEZ25.50
Z Axis Cable Track
Z Axis Cable Track

Cable track is the perfect way to route the wires for your CNC router. Our short Z axis cable track has a cross section of 50mm (2") x 25mm (1"). They are available in 3 different versions. For a standard machine, they are offered in 350mm lengths with an attachment plate on one end and an open pivot on the other. For PRO machine compatibility, they come in 500mm and 650mm lengths with two attachment plates for 8" and 12" ballscrews respectively

Individual segments can be opened with a screw driver to allow the insertion of cables without feeding them through the track.

Recommended lengths for different size machines
  • 4' x 4', 1 meter of 75mm (X), 1 meter of 50mm (Y), 1 350mm section of 50mm (Z)
  • 4' x 8', 2 meters of 75mm (X), 1 meter of 50mm (Y), 1 350mm section of 50mm (Z)

The 50mm wide track bends with a radius of 75mm(3")

Configuration and Options:
Z Axis Version:
This product was added to our catalog on August 2, 2012.

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