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Avid CNC Upgrades » Work Area Expansion » Work Area Expansion Kit
Work Area Expansion Kit
Work Area Expansion Kit

Start small, scale BIG - our modular machine architecture enables your large format Avid CNC machine to grow with your ambition.

Speak with an expert to configure an expansion kit matched to your existing machine.

  • Cost-Efficient Growth
  • Expanding your Avid CNC machine gives you the ability to adapt and grow your capacity at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.
  • Greater Versatility
  • Level up to keep pace with your growing skills, projects, or business needs by adding space for more versatility, such as rotary 4th axis or a dual use machine with a plasma table.
  • Future Proof
  • Avid CNC's modular system means that your CNC machine can continue to grow with your needs. You can't outgrow your Avid CNC!

What's Included
  • Frame Extrusion
  • Gear Rack
  • Linear Rails
  • Cable Track
  • Hardware
  • Leg Sets (if required)
  • Motor Cables (if required)
  • Proximity Sensor Cables (if required)
Machine Work Area Expansion
4-foot Extension (machine framework)
Machine Work Area Expansion
4-foot Extension (linear motion + hardware)


The work area of any large format CNC machine from Avid CNC can be expanded by extending the length of the machine to exactly what you need at any time.

For example, expand your 4’x2’ machine to a 4’x8’ machine with a 6-foot extension.

Typical Expansion Kit Pricing*

Machine Extensions for 4-foot wide machines

2-foot extension $1,400
4-foot extension $2,400
6-foot extension $3,600
8-foot extension $4,100

Machine Extensions for 5-foot wide machines

5-foot extension $2,900
10-foot extension $5,100

Machine Extensions for Custom size machines

Whatever you need! Contact Support

*Final pricing determined after our customer support experts configure the kit contents based on your existing machine.

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