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1. Installation Overview

These instructions will guide you through the process of assembling and installing your router or spindle mount. The design of our Ballscrew Z-Axis Moving Plate allows these mounts to be located at various heights to fit your particular application. The instructions specify a mounting height that will be applicable in most use cases. The figures below show the vertical range of an example tool using this mounting location.



The example above applies for a PRO Series machine configured with an 8" Z-Axis and 8" Gantry Height, using a tool with a length of 1.5". If you are using a different machine configuration or tool length, you will need to adjust your router or spindle mount location accordingly.


Many situations will require a different mounting location than the one specified in these instructions. For example if a vise is used to hold work pieces, a higher mounting position may be required.


If shorter tools are commonly used, it may be necessary to position the router or spindle in a lower position.
Whatever mounting position you choose, it is recommended to mount the base adapter/tramming plate in the highest position possible while still allowing the vertical range required.