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Section 8: Machine Setup


8.1 Post-Assembly Machine Setup Instructions

  • Spindle & Router Mount Installation (/support/instructions/accessories/spindles/mountInstallation)
  • Installation instructions for spindle and router mounts (including tramming adapter).
  • Plug & Play Spindle / VFD Setup (/support/instructions/accessories/spindles/setup)
  • Setup guides for spindle / VFD systems. This includes our Plug & Play systems and DIY installations.
  • Mach4 Software Setup & Usage Guide (/support/instructions/software/mach4)
  • Guides for installation, setup, and usage of Mach4 CNC controller software. Use of the software is required in the remaining machine setup items below.
  • Machine Leveling, Squaring, & Tramming (/support/instructions/machineSetup/levelingSquaringAndTramming)
  • Instructions to help calibrate your machine for optimal performance and precision.
  • Spoilboard (/support/instructions/machineSetup/spoilboard)
  • Design & Make project to guide you through creating the spoilboard for your machine.
  • Dust Collection (/support/instructions/machineSetup/dustCollection)
  • Information about dust collection solutions for your machine.
  • Auto Z & Corner Finding Touch Plate (/support/instructions/accessories/touchplate)
  • Instructions for using our touch plate with Mach4 and your machine.
  • Rotary Axis (/support/instructions/rotary)
  • Assembly, installation, and calibration instructions for the Avid CNC rotary axis.

8.2 Spoilboard Installation

Parts and Tools Required

The following bags and parts will be used in this section:

  • (1) CRP116-00-48 - Standard Spoil Board Hardware
    • (4) 6036 - Gusset
    • (8) M8 x 16mm Button Head Cap Screw
    • (8) M8 Roll-in T-Nut
    • (8) M8 x 20mm Button Head Cap Screw
    • (8) M8 Hex Nut
  • (1) CRP816-00-4896 - Spoil Board Fastener Kit
    • (35) M8 x 16mm Button Head Cap Screw
    • (35) M8 Roll-in T-Nut

The following tools will be used in this section:

  • 5mm Allen Wrench
  • 13mm Socket with Ratchet
  • Tape Measure

8.2.1 Spoil Board Brackets

  • Attach a gusset to the front of the table as indicated.
  • Partially tighten the fasteners.

Assembly Note

Use the upper t-slot on the front of the extrusion.

  • Repeat this process to attach the remaining three gussets.

  • Position the outer gussets 114mm (4-1/2") from the outside edge of the table extrusion as indicated.

  • Position the center two gussets to the dimensions shown.

  • Ensure the top of the gussets are flush with the top of the extrusion.
  • Fully tighten the gusset fasteners.

8.2.2 Spoil Board Installation

  • For locations where you want to attach your spoil board to the table crossmembers, use the M8 x 16mm Button Head Cap Screws and M8 Roll-in T-Nuts.

  • To attach the spoil board to the gussets on the front of the machine, use the M8 x 20mm Button Head Cap Screws and M8 Hex Nuts.