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Section 2: Riser Assembly


2.1 Linear Carriages


Parts and Tools Required

The following bags and parts will be used in this section:

  • (4) CRP102-00-01 Extended Linear Carriage
  • (4) CRP101-00-FAST-17.2
    • (16) 5/16" Split Lock Washer
    • (16) Roller Bearing
    • (8) M8 x 20mm Hex Cap Screw
    • (8) M8 x 30mm Hex Cap Screw
    • (8) M8 Hex Nut
    • (8) 1/4-20 Set Screw

The following tools will be used in this section:

  • 13mm Combination Wrench
  • 1/8" Allen Wrench

2.1.1 Linear Carriage Assembly

  • Orient the Extended Linear Carriage body as shown.
  • Install upper bearings as indicated and tighten fasteners.

Assembly Note

In the correct orientation, the nut slots will be located on the back side of the extended linear carriage.

  • Install bearings into the lower slots on the extended linear carriage as indicated.
  • The M8 jam nuts will reside within the nuts slots as shown.

Assembly Note

Position the M8 x 30mm Hex Cap Bolts in the lowest possible position within the slots before fully tightening fasteners.

  • Partially thread in 1/4-20 set screws as indicated.
  • Repeat this process to assemble four extended linear carriages.

2.1.2 Linear Carriage Installation

  • Position the two assembled linear carriages on one of the steel rails as indicated.

Assembly Note

Position the linear carriages with the set screws facing down.

  • Partially tighten the set screws (blue arrows) to bring the lower roller bearings in contact with the steel rail.

Assembly Note

Ensure the horizontal roller bearings are in contact with the edges of the steel rails.

  • Continue tightening each set screw until no vertical movement is possible at either end of the linear carriage.
  • Ensure the linear carriage is still able to freely move along the steel rail.

Assembly Note

If the linear carriage does not move freely on the steel rail, adjust the set screw. When properly adjusted, the linear carriages will have no vertical movement and freely slide along the steel rail. While adjusting the set screws, ensure the horizontal roller bearings remain in contact with the edge of the steel rail.

  • Repeat the previous steps to install and adjust the linear carriages on the other steel rail.

2.2 Gantry Risers


Parts and Tools Required

The following bags and parts will be used in this section:

  • (2) Gantry Riser
  • (4) CRP122-00 Strip Brush Kit
  • (16) 3/8-16 x 3/4" Hex Cap Screw
  • (1) CRP120-00-FAST-17.2
    • (8) 1/4-20 x 3/8" Hex Cap Screw
    • (16) 3/8" Flat Washer
    • (16) M8 x 35mm T-Stud
    • (16) M8 Hex Nut

The following tools will be used in this section:

  • 7/16" Combination Wrench
  • 9/16" Combination Wrench
  • (2) Clamp

2.2.1 Gantry Riser Assembly

  • Install strip brush plates as indicated.
  • Repeat this step for both gantry risers.

2.2.2 Gantry Riser Installation

  • Position gantry riser on linear carriages as indicated.
  • Insert and partially tighten fasteners.

  • Clamp linear carriages to the steel rail as indicated.
  • Position the clamps with the clamping surface centered vertically on the linear carriages.

  • Adjust the gantry riser to make the edges flush with the linear carriages as indicated.
  • Progressively tighten the 3/8-16 fasteners, alternating sides, to secure the gantry riser to the linear carriages.
  • Remove clamps.

  • Install strip brushes as indicated.

  • Install fasteners on gantry riser as indicated, partially threading on M8 hex nuts.

  • Position T-Studs to rear of the gantry riser as indicated.

  • Repeat the previous steps for the second gantry riser.