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Mach4 Software Licensing

This guide provides step by step instructions for licensing your Mach4 CNC control software. If you have not already done so, it is recommended to complete the Mach4 Software SetupMach4 Software Setup and Mach4 ConfigurationMach4 Configuration guides before continuing with licensing.

1. Obtain License File

Follow the steps below to obtain your Mach4 license file:

  1. Locate your Mach4 Registration Code. This is provided to you by Avid CNC via email after your purchase of Mach4. If you need a Mach4 license, they are available at Avid CNC.
  2. Navigate to

    Mach4 Software Licensing 1

  3. Enter your registration code, click "APPLY CODE", and then click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT".

    Mach4 Software Licensing 2

  4. On the next screen, fill out the required information. You will create an account with ArtSoft; it is recommended to save this account information in the event you need to obtain a new license file. In the next step you will retrieve the PCID license information that is also required.

    Mach4 Software Licensing 3

  5. Open Mach4 and navigate to Help > About.

    Mach4 Software Licensing 4

  6. Click "Copy ID To Clipboard".

    Mach4 Software Licensing 5

    Note about PC ID

    It is possible for a PC ID to change after a Windows update, or if internal computer hardware components are changed. If this occurs, your Mach4 installation will become unlicensed and you will need to perform the steps in the Transfer License File section below.

  7. Return to the Mach Support window. Paste your PC ID in the field shown.

    Mach4 Software Licensing 7

  8. You can now complete the checkout process. You will receive an email within about 2 hours from with a link to download your license file. Click the link in that email to download the license file (it is recommended to save the license file to your desktop) and proceed to the next section.

2. Install License File

Follow the steps below to install your Mach4 license file:

  1. Open Mach4 and navigate to Help > About.

    Mach4 Software Licensing 4

  2. Click "Load License File".

    Mach4 Software Licensing 6

  3. Select the "Mach4Lic.dat" file that you downloaded in step 8 of the previous section.
  4. You will see a message window that your "License file installed successfully." You can now restart Mach4.
  5. After you restart Mach4, you can open the "About" window again to check the license is properly loaded. You will see "Licensed" at the top of the window.

    Mach4 Software Licensing 8

Now that you have installed, configured, and licensed Mach4, continue to the Mach4 Users Guide for an overview of the Avid CNC Mach4 screen.

3. Transfer License File

To move your Mach4 license to a new PC, you need obtain a new Mach4 license for that specific PC.

Follow the instructions above for installing Mach4. When you get to the point that you need your license file, you will regenerate your license (rather than registering for the first time with a Mach4 registration code as the instructions state):

  1. Log on to your Artsoft account at:

  2. On the My Account page, hit the red Manage My Licenses button.

    Mach4 License Transfer 1

  3. On the License Maintenance page, find your old license in the list (for most people there will only be one) and click DE-ACTIVATE. Then enter your new PCID in the New PCID box and click "Add".

    Mach4 License Transfer 2

  4. This will automatically create and email you a new license (there will be a confirmation message to this effect on the screen).
    Mach4 License Transfer 3


If you are simply re-installing Mach4 on the same PC as before, you should be able to just use the license file from your email again. However, if you lost that, you can follow steps 1 and 2 above to locate your license. Click the Resend/Email License button next to it to get a new copy.