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Mach4 Introduction

Avid CNC Mach4 Screen

Avid CNC has customized Mach4 CNC Control software to allow quick and easy setup with our PRO CNC, Standard CNC, and Benchtop CNC machines. The documentation below provides step by step instructions for installing Mach4 and configuring it for your machine. It is recommended to complete each guide in the order they are listed.

  1. Mach4 Software Setup: Instructions to install Mach4 and optimize your PC for use with a CNC machine.
  2. Mach4 Configuration: Overview of the available options to configure Mach4 for your specific machine.
  3. Mach4 Software Licensing: Instructions to license your Mach4 software.
  4. Mach4 Users Guide: Overview of the Avid CNC Mach4 screen.

Mach3 Software Setup

If you are using Mach3 (our previous CNC control software), please refer to the Mach3 CNC Software Setup Guide.