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Avid CNC System Configuration Utility


The SCU is bundled with our Mach4 installer, however it may also be installed or upgraded independently with this installer.

Software Downloads

Release Notes

  • Version (8.9.2022)
    • Update: Improved Save Settings to continue when an unexpected issue occurs.
    • Update: Improved support by building a ZIP file of all logs and configuration files.
  • Version (7.28.2022)
    • Update: Improved support log by adding all raw command line output.
    • Update: Improved support log by adding SCU version prior to all tuning groups.
    • Bugfix: Fixed graphics preferences freeze when performing initial save.
    • Bugfix: Fixed power options to recognize Windows standard power plans.
    • Bugfix: Fixed power options to recognize "*" and "Active" as the active power plan.
    • Bugfix: Fixed windows updates to prevent null integer parsing exceptions.
  • Version (4.22.2022)
    • Bugfix: Failure setting graphics preferences under certain circumstances
  • Version (12.16.2021)
    • Update: Restrict Windows Performance Tuning dialog to English Windows display language only
  • Version (11.19.2021)
    • Update: Catch exceptions for duplicate power options and firewall program name when not using English as the default language
  • Version (11.1.2021)
    • Update: Support for Windows 11
  • Version (9.14.2021)
    • New: Windows GPU performance tuning option
    • Update: Improved support for Windows standard account type
  • Version (2.1.2021)
    • Bugfix: Restore OneDrive default setting
  • Version (1.5.2021)
    • Update: Improved performance for low-powered CPUs
  • Version (12.1.2020)
    • New: Additional Windows performance tuning / optimization options supported
  • Version (10.20.2020)
    • Initial release