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Mach4 for Avid CNC Machines

Software Downloads

CAM Post Processor Compatibility

It is strongly recommended to use the following post processors with Avid CNC's current release of Mach4:

Release Notes

  • Version 2.2.0 (12.28.2020)

    • Mach4 v4.2.0.4517
    • ESS plugin v260
    • TMC3in1 plugin v017
    • Avid CNC SCU v2.0.2.0
    • New: Enable soft limits after homing (documentation)
    • New: Home X and Y axes simultaneously (documentation)
    • New: Warning messages (documentation)
    • New: Support for Avid CNC 8.7 HP Plug and Play Spindle / VFD
    • New: Spindle warm-up routine
    • New: Persistent cycle times
    • New: Support for dual-use routing/plasma with CRP300 electronics
    • New: Ignore tool changes option (documentation)
    • Update: M6 macro for manual tool changes (documentation)
    • Update: TMC3in1 plugin disabled if machine not configured for plasma use
    • Update: Torch Height Control disabled when not using plasma cutting tool
    • Update: Voltage-based THC anti-dive settings are percentage based (documentation)
    • Update: Increased Z axis soft limit values to allow full travel of Z axis when soft limits enabled
    • Bugfix: Home offsets incorrectly set for dual Z axis machines
    • Bugfix: Incorrect images displayed during rotary calibration procedure
  • Version 2.0.6 (11.27.2019)

    • Mach4 v4.2.0.4322
    • ESS plugin v253
    • TMC3in1 plugin v014
    • New: Support for CRP100, CRP300, CRP500, and CRP800-revA electronics (documentation)
    • New: Support for previous model revisions (documentation)
    • New: Resume cut feature for plasma use
    • New: Active communications with Avid CNC control system required for configuration changes
    • New: Package profile feature specific for support of Avid CNC's Mach4 profile.
    • Update: Improved touch plate operation including error messages, numeric validation, and additional advanced settings (documentation)
    • Update: Diagnostics tab displays home and limit switches separately (documentation)
    • Update: G92 offsets added to fixture table on offsets tab (documentation)
    • Bugfix: Not able to set spindle speed from DRO
    • Bugfix: Swap X and Y axes does not maintain right-handed coordinate system or update limit switch mappings
    • Bugfix: Changing home direction requires remapping of sensors
    • Bugfix: Limit switch diagnostics don't update with axis swap or change in home direction
    • Bugfix: Disable Avid configuration option overwrites setting changes under certain circumstances
  • Version 1.0.4 (8.2.2019)
    • New: Support for calibration and use of Avid PRO CNC Rotary Axis
  • Version 1.0.3 (7.15.2019)
    • Bugfix: Auto Z Touch Plate button disappears during program operation
  • Version 1.0.2 (7.9.2019)
    • Bugfix: Inconsistent machine motion
  • Version 1.0.1 (7.2.2019)
    • Initial release of Avid CNC's custom user interface and profile for Mach4
    • Mach4 v4.2.0.4162

Beta Versions

Beta versions are available for those who have expressed interest in testing new features and have been in contact with our support team. If you have reached this section in error, please see our current releases

There are currently no beta versions available.