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Machine Maintenance

Following the recommended maintenance intervals and procedures will help to ensure the longevity and performance of your PRO CNC machine. Intervals listed are based on an average of 20hr/week of machine use.

Maintenance Intervals
3 Months 6 Months
Gear Rack Greasing (w/ dry teflon)
Gear Rack Greasing (w/ lithium grease)
Ballscrew Axis & Linear Rails
Component Replacement

Greasing Supplies

Your PRO CNC machine kit includes a mini grease gun and tube of bearing grease. Additional greasing supplies are available on our website:

How to assemble your grease gun

Gear Rack Greasing

Gear rack on the table axis and gantry axis can be greased with either a dry teflon lube (every 3 months) or a multi-purpose lithium grease (every 6 months). If your machine is operated in a dusty environment, it is recommended to use dry teflon lube.

Ballscrew & Linear Rail Greasing

We recommend greasing the ballscrew axis and linear bearing blocks on your machine every 3 months. The videos below provide instructions for this procedure. Choose the appropriate video, based on the purchase date of your machine.

PRO CNC machines purchased after April 2019

PRO CNC machines purchased prior to April 2019

Component Replacement

There are only a few mechanical parts that should ever need to be replaced on your PRO CNC machine. It can be helpful to have these on hand to avoid machine downtime in the event of a machine crash or other issue.

It is recommended to replace the Rack and Pinion Drive Spindles every 6 months (based on an average of 20hr/week of machine use).

Spare parts bundles are available for both NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 systems.