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PRO CNC Plasma


  • Getting Started Guide
  • Instructions for the mechanical setup and wiring of the plasma components.
  • Plasma Retrofit Guide
  • Instructions for installation of the Torch Height Control card (not necessary if purchased with Avid CNC electronics).
  • PRO CNC Plasma Software Setup and Usage Guides
  • Instructions for using your PRO CNC Plasma systems with Mach4 CNC Control software and SheetCAM. This manual is also a helpful reference for plasma-specific software features like torch height control and anti-dive.

Mach3 Users

If you are using Mach3 CNC Control software with your PRO CNC Plasma system, refer to the Mach3 PRO CNC Plasma Instructions.

Torch and Retaining Cap Compatibility

Our PRO CNC Plasma systems are currently compatible with Hypertherm 45XP, 65, 85, and 45 (discontinued) systems. To work with our torch mount, Ohmic touch-off, and torch height control system, the Machine Torch and CPC options are required. Shielded (Mechanized) Consumables are required for use with machine torch systems.

In order to work with the Ohmic touch-off feature that comes standard with our torch mounts, an ohmic retaining cap (sold separately) is required. Below are compatible configurations of Hypertherm torches and retaining caps. Contact Us for information about purchasing Hypertherm torches, consumables, and retaining caps.

Recommended Torches and Retaining Caps

  • Hypertherm 45XP HYP088121 and Retaining Cap HYP220953
  • Hypertherm 65 HYP083294 and Retaining Cap HYP220953
  • Hypertherm 85 HYP087132 and Retaining Cap HYP220953
  • For older discontinued Powermax 45 (not XP) torches, use Retaining Cap HYP220719