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CNC Spoilboard

This project will help you make the spoilboard for your PRO CNC, Standard CNC, or Benchtop CNC machine from Avid CNC! These project files support the following ready-to-assemble machines.

Stool Clamping

Source Files

Spoilboard project files (pick one):

Using the VCarve PRO Project

We've pre-configured the Vectric projects to reflect our most common machine sizes, if you don't see your table size listed, pick the project file closest (preferably larger) and adjust as needed based on how many table cross-members that are within the machining area of the router.

Using the Parametric Fusion 360 Project

There are two Fusion 360 project files, one for Benchtop machines, and the other for PRO CNC large format machines. Both are parameter-driven (parametric), meaning that by going to Fusion 360 > Modeling Workspace > Modify > Change Parameters you can update the size of the board to whatever size machine you have.

Change Parameters

The board consists of three feature layers. You can choose to implement all three, one, two, or mix in with your own custom feature designs.

Mounting features

This layer/sketch contains the geometry for mounting the board to the crossmembers of the machine - this is the only required layer

Mounting Features

Dog Hole features

This layer/sketch contains the geometry a grid of holes that are 3/4" diameter by default but can be adjusted to be used with MDF inserts allowing use of bolted connections. Otherwise can be used with most 3/4" size bench dog accessories and clamping systems.

Dog Hole Grid

Clamping Clearance Features

This layer/sketch contains the geometry for large slots that will allow the use of F-clamps.

Clamp Features

What You'll Need

Making/Mounting the Board

To create your own board, download either the DXF file or the Fusion 360 Project (free for non-commercial use). The DXF file can be used with any popular CAM offerings, including Vectric's popular VCarve PRO (demonstrated in the attached video)!

The spoilboard should be directly mounted to the cross-members of the CNC machine with 5 fasteners per crossmember.

Spoilboard How-To Videos

Benchtop PRO (& Standard):