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CRP850-00E Breakout Board

CRP850-00E Break-out-Board
Listed belowon the following pages are descriptions and port/pin assignments.

Future Signal Inputs: The signal inputs on the CRP850-00E board are designed for NPN signals, which close signal to ground. The input signal terminals provide ports for direct wiring of limit switches, touch plate, and auxiliary signals.

Replicated Outputs: These are 5V digital outputs which can be used to drive relays with 5V coils or 5V logic level devices. They are replicates of the spindle relay and two output relays (Relay #1 and Relay #2). Note, these outputs are not relays themselves. The same signals (for Relay #1 and Relay #2) are replicated through the CRP860-00E I/O port, which goes out to the CRP860-00E board and are normally tied to solid state relays used for controlling AC loads.

Motor 6 Outputs: These outputs can be used with an additional motor driver to control a sixth motor.

5V IN: The CRP850-00E board can be powered either by 5V through this port, or via pin 26 on port 1. In most CRP800 applications, this port is not used, as 5V is passed through to the CRP850-00E board on pin 26 from the Ethernet Smoothstepper.

Motor Enable: When this terminal is jumpered, the CRP850-00E board will place a 5V potential across the motor enable terminals on all 5 motor driver connectors, disabling the motors. Typically, a mechanical switch is connected to these terminals. When the switch is closed, the motors are disabled so that the machine can be manually positioned, and motors can be safely plugged and unplugged from the system without powering down the entire controller.

Spindle Relay: These terminals provide contacts for a small dry contact relay useful for sending an on/off signal to an external VFD, typically for a forward/stop command. This signal is wired into pins 7 and 8 on the SP/THC connector in CRP800 controllers.

PWM Signal: These terminals provide a digital 0-5 signal designed to be used for speed control via PWM. This same signal (output 1 on port 2) is also routed through analog circuitry on the board to produce a 0-10V analog output.

Spindle Analog Control Signal: These terminals provide a 0-10V analog output typically used for speed control on an external VFD. This signal is wired to pins 9 and 10 on the SP/THC connector in CRP800 controllers.

12V IN: The CRP850-00E requires 12V power, both to power the optical isolators connected to all input signals, and to provide a voltage that is regulated to 0-10V for the Spindle Analog Control Signal.

Fault Signal: This input signal terminal is specifically designed to read a fault from an external VFD, typically from thermal overload or a disconnected spindle power cable.

Phoenix Connector Terminal Blocks

Note: these Port and Pin assignments match the ESS configuration

Terminal # Description Port/Pin Voltage
1 Signal Input (FF8) 2/12 12V
2 GND 12V
3 Signal Input (FF7) 2/11 12V
4 GND 12V
5 Signal Input (FF6) 2/10 12V
6 GND 12V
7 Signal Input (FF5) 1/15 12V
8 GND 12V
9 Signal Input (FF4) 1/13 12V
10 GND 12V
11 Signal Input (FF3) 1/12 12V
12 GND 12V
13 Signal Input (FF2) 1/11 12V
14 GND 12V
15 Signal Input (FF1) 1/10 12V
16 GND 12V
17 Relay 1 Output (OUT1) 2/17 5V
18 GND 5V
19 Relay 2 Output (OUT2) 2/16 5V
20 GND 5V
21 Spindle Relay Output (OUT3) 2/14 5V
22 GND 5V
23 Motor 6 Step 1/1 5V
24 GND 5V
25 Motor 6 Dir 1/17 5V
26 GND 5V
27 Motor Enable 5V
28 GND 5V
29 5V In 5V
30 GND 5V
31 Motor Enable 5V
32 GND 5V
33 Spindle Relay FWD 2/14
34 Spindle Relay DCM
35 PWM 0-5V
36 GND 5V
37 Spindle 0-10V 2/1 0-10V
38 Spindle ACM 10V
39 12V In 12V
40 GND 12V
41 Spindle Fault Input 2/13 12V
42 GND 12V

CRP860-00E I/O Port Pin Assignments

Note: these assignments are not used in the ESS configuration

Pin # Description
1 +12V
2 X Sensor Signal
3 Y- Sensor Signal
4 Slaved- Sensor Signal
5 Touch Sensor Signal
6 A Sensor Signal
7 Y+ Sensor Signal
8 Z+ Sensor Signal
9 AUX 2 Signal
10 E-Stop Signal
11 +5V
12 Relay 1 Control Switch
13 Relay 2 Control Switch
14 GND I/O
15 12V GND
16 12V GND

CRP850-00E Diagnostic LEDs

CRP850-00E Diagnostic LED Positions

Diagnostic LEDs are located in three places on the CRP850-00E breakout board. These provide a quick way to troubleshoot whether and input or output is being activated.

CRP850-00E Diagnostic LEDs

Diagnostic LEDs:

  • Sensor input signals
  • Future input signals (FF1 - FF8)
  • EStop
  • 5V In
  • Relay #1 output signal
  • Relay #2 output signal
  • Spindle relay output signal

CRP850-00E Diagnostic LEDs

Diagnostic LEDs:

  • Motor 1 - 6 direction
  • Motor enable / disable

CRP850-00E Diagnostic LEDs

Diagnostic LEDs:

  • 12V In

CRP860-00E Break-out-Board


CRP860-00E Front View


All M12 inputs are A-coded. See M12 Sensor Inputs


CRP860-00E Back View

Phoenix Connector Terminal Blocks

Note: these Port and Pin assignments match the ESS configuration

Terminal # Description Pin (Port 2 on CRP850-00E card)
1 Relay 1 Control Switch 17
2 12V GND
3 Relay 2 Control Switch 16
4 12V GND

Common Connector Pinouts

M12 Sensor Inputs

M12 Sensor Inputs

This picture is looking at a Female connector body - pin assignments will be mirrored for Male.


Not all pins are populated for connectors on the CRP860-00E IO breakout board.

  • Sensor and Aux inputs: Pin 2 (Normally Closed) is not populated
  • E Stop input: Pin 4 (Normally Open) is not populated

14-pin Control Cable

14-Pin Cable Pinout

FEMALE connector

MALE connector


Plasma pins are populated but not connected by default on routing controllers, and Spindle pins are populated but not connected on plasma controllers.

ConnectorPin # Use In / Out Description Color ESS Port/Pin
1 Spindle Digital In Fault Ground Blue
2 Spindle Digital In Fault Signal White 2/13
3 Plasma Digital Out Torch ON Orange/Black 3/17
4 Plasma Digital Out Torch ON Green/Black
5 Plasma Analog In Voltage Divider - Red/Black
6 Plasma Analog In Voltage Divider + Red/White
7 Spindle Digital Out FWD Orange 2/14
8 Spindle Digital Out DCM Green
9 Spindle Analog Out AVI Red 2/1
10 Spindle Analog Out ACM Black
11 Spindle (optional) Analog 10V Ref Blue/White
12 Plasma Digital In Arc OK White/Black 3/10
13 Plasma GND Ground Blue/Black
14 Plasma Signal GND Arc OK Ground Green/White

DB9 Motor Connectors

DB9 Pinout

Pin # Function Wire Color
1 Current Set Resistor N/A
2 N/C N/A
3 N/C N/A
4 N/C N/A
5 Current Set Resistor N/A
6 B + Phase Yellow
7 B - Phase Blue
8 A + Phase Red
9 A - Phase Green

XLR Motor Connectors

XLR Pinout

Pin # Motor Phase Wire Color
1 A + Red
2 A - Green
3 B + Yellow
4 B - Blue

Wiring Diagrams


Wiring diagrams shown below are for 4-axis (5 motor drivers) systems.


NEMA 23 Plasma


NEMA 34 Plasma