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Section 5: Cable Track Installation


Parts and Tools Required

The following parts and tools will be used in Section 5

QTY Part/Description Packaged In
1 CRP950-01 Cable Track Bracket CRP950-00-XX
1 CRP950-02 Cable Track Bracket CRP950-00-XX
1 CRP950-03 4040 Cable Track Extrusion CRP950-00-XX
2 50mm Cable Track Section CRP950-00-XX
1 CRP950-00-FAST CRP950-00-XX
(6) M8 Roll-in T-Nut
(4) M8 x 16mm Socket Head Cap Screw
(4) M5 x 12mm Socket Head Cap Screw
(2) M8 x 30mm Socket Head Cap Screw
(2) 40 Series Anchor Fasteners
(4) M5 x 16mm Socket Head Cap Screw
(4) M5 Roll-in T-Nut
  • Required Tools:
    • 6mm Allen Wrench
    • 4mm Allen Wrench
    • Flat Head Screwdriver
    • Tape Measure

5.1 Table Cable Track Installation


Lower Cable track Bracket

  • Install the lower cable track bracket onto the bottom of the base of the machine.


Bracket Position

  • Place the bracket 647mm (25") from the front of the machine.

Machine Configuration Option

For 2' length machines, position the bracket 380mm (15") from the front of the machine.


Tighten Bracket

  • Tighten the indicated fasteners.


Upper Bracket Install

  • Install the upper cable track bracket.


Install Lower Track

  • Attach the fixed end of the cable track to the bracket as indicated.

Assembly Note

The fixed end of the cable track is the one which does not rotate independently.


Tighten Lower Bracket

  • Tighten the fixed end to the lower bracket.


Upper Table Track Install

  • Attach the other end to the upper bracket.


Upper Table Track Tighten

  • Tighten the end to the upper bracket.


Upper Table Bracket Tighten

  • Tighten upper bracket to the gantry extrusion.

5.2 Gantry Cable Track Installation


Upper Gantry Bracket Anchor Bolts

  • Insert the M8 x 30mm bolts into the provided anchors and place the anchors in the bracket extrusion provided.


Upper Gantry Bracket Anchors

  • Slide the anchors into the cable track extrusion as indicated.


Upper Gantry Bracket Attachment

  • Attach the cable track extrusion to the Z axis indicated.


Upper Gantry Bracket Placement

  • Position the bracket extrusion approximately 25mm (1") from the top of the Z axis.


Upper Gantry Bracket Tighten Bolts

  • Tighten the cable track extrusion fasteners as indicated.


Gantry Track Lower Fasteners

  • Install the fixed end of a length of cable track to the gantry extrusion.


Gantry Track Lower Placement

  • Position the cable track approximately 280mm (11") from the riser plate.

Machine Configuration Option

For the 3' width machines, position the cable track approximately 530mm (21") from the end of the riser plate.


Gantry Track Lower Fasteners

  • Tighten the fixed end in place.


Gantry Track Upper Fasteners

  • Install the free end onto the extrusion bracket.


Gantry Track Upper Fasteners Tighten

  • Tighten the free end in place.