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Standard Rack and Pinion Drive, NEMA 23 Review
Standard Rack and Pinion Drive, NEMA 23 by William Griggs  Date Added: June 17, 2012
Standard Rack and Pinion Drive, NEMA 23
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I have been using these Drives for about two years now and they have performed better than advertised. They go together quick and the parts fit just like they should. I plan to use these when I build my next machine because they simply work well. When I helped some student Make a CNC Router of course we used CNCRouterparts Rack & Pinion drives. Here is a picture of the completed gantry. http://www.makermasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/IMG_5-
057.jpg. If I had to come up with one thing to improve it would be the turnbuckles. Although they work well they feel a little light duty. I have had no problems with them but honest opinions help make products better. Hope this helps. Bill Griggs

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