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PRO Rack and Pinion Drive, NEMA 23 Review
PRO Rack and Pinion Drive, NEMA 23 by Wayne Reid  Date Added: February 10, 2021
PRO Rack and Pinion Drive, NEMA 23
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I’ve had my eye on this kit for about a year and in Jan 2021 I finally pulled the trigger and got three of these and eight lengths of racking. I have an old 12’ x 7’ water jet table that was converted to a burn table. This conversion used belts & pulleys. Over 12’ the belts were inaccurate and they would skip the teeth regularly. My NEMA 23 steppers fitted right in these drive plates so no rewiring needed and just a little rework to get these drive plates to fit my machine. The whole thing now runs over 100” per min faster when in rapid with no missed steps! It could go even quicker but my steppers are not wired for speed as this is quite a large gantry. These are quality kits and I have already recommended them to others looking to convert their CNC tables from belt drive to rack & pinion. Ok, the minor things that could have been better and might save you some time knowing about them. * The screws that hold the racking to the mounting plates were loose. I only realized this after I had fitted 2/3 of the racking, meaning I had to take it all off again to tighten them up. * The holes for bolting the racking down have burrs on both sides. I just took a drill with an oversized drill bit and whizzed them off. * The M5 x16mm bolts provided for bolting your NEMA23 stepper to the plates were too short for my steppers. I needed 20mm long, which I didn’t have. I had to use 1/4” which is fine but the nuts are too wide for the slots so I needed to grind them down. These were minor annoyances to an otherwise great product. I highly recommend Avid.

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