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CNC Retrofit » CNC Control Systems » Plug and Play NEMA 34 CNC Control System - CRP800-00E-8
Plug and Play NEMA 34 CNC Control System
Plug and Play NEMA 34 CNC Control System
Our pre-wired NEMA 34 electronics system offers a rugged, industrial control solution with power to move our largest motors, and enough IO to support a number of different accessories. This system features all-digital stepper drivers, which provide significantly lower motor temperatures and motor noise, along with anti-resonance and ripple smoothing technology for exceptionally precise motion.

Professionally assembled and tested, this control unit is ready for plug and play operation. It is built in an industrial steel NEMA rated enclosure, complete with power entry connection, motor ports, powered industrial M12 signal ports, a remote e-stop, auxiliary AC outlets for router and dust collector, and a port for optional spindle control.
Plug and Play NEMA 34 CNC Control System
Package features include:
  • Industrial steel NEMA Enclosure
  • (4) All digital CRP8070 drivers pre-wired to power terminals, motor plugs, and logic board, with support for a 5th motor driver.
  • IO breakout featuring a dedicated spindle relay and (2) 15A[1] general purpose AC relays, (8) 12V powered M12 ports for homing/proximity sensors (or general input signals) (proximity switches sold separately), and on-board 0-10V analog output for spindle speed control.
  • (2) 600W 48V regulated power supplies with enough power for up to 5 NEMA 34 motors, allowing for an additional independent axis in the future (for rotary applications, additional Z-axis, etc.).
  • High quality 5V and 12V regulated power supplies for logic and sensor power.
  • (4) 7A rated plug and play motor terminals.
  • (4) Powerful low inductance 960 oz-in NEMA 34 motors with 1/2" shafts.
  • High flex / high current 7A CNC motor cables
    • Available in various length configurations to fit your machine (choose Cable Configuration below).
    • Need longer cables? Our cables are designed to plug together, just order additional cables as needed to get the length you need for your larger format machine.
  • (2) AC power cables, 10' length Nema 5-15P to C13. One for the main control unit and one for auxiliary input power for a router or dust collector.
  • Plug-in E-Stop unit.
  • Ethernet Smoothstepper - included standard for expanded I/O, faster processing speed, and better comparability with modern computers/operating-systems!
Plug and Play NEMA 34 CNC Control System
Available Upgrades:
Please note that many large format CNC machines, including all of our PRO CNC, Standard CNC, and Benchtop CNC machines, employ a dual-drive gantry system, and thus require a 4-drive electronics package.
A 5th-Drive upgrade for this system is available to enable control of an additional independent axis (such as a rotary positioner, additional Z-axis, etc.). This upgrade contains an extra motor driver and all of the internal wiring to support a 5th motor, but does not include an additional motor or motor cable.

Product Notes
  1. The C13 type relay power plugs/sockets are rated for 15A in North America and 10A in most international regions.


Configuration and Options:
Additional Motor Drive:
Cable configuration:
This product was added to our catalog on August 12, 2011.

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