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Other Products » Fasteners and Brackets » M8 x 23mm T-Stud
M8 x 23mm T-Stud
M8 x 23mm T-Stud

T-Studs simplify the process of attaching steel, brackets, or other accessories to extrusion. Unlike carriage bolts, they do not require access to the end of the extrusion for installation. These T-Studs are compatible with 15 series or 40 series extrusion, and also can be used for attaching 3/4" MDF spoilboards to machine tables.

M8 x 23mm T-Stud

What's Included

The M8 x 23mm T-Stud is available in the following configurations:

  • M8 x 23mm T-Stud (No Nut)
    • (1) M8 x 23mm T-Stud
  • M8 x 23mm T-Stud w/ Thin (Jam) Nut
    • (1) M8 x 23mm T-Stud
    • (1) M8 Jam Nut
  • M8 x 23mm T-Stud w/ Flange Nut
    • (1) M8 x 23mm T-Stud
    • (1) M8 Flange Nut

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Hex Nut Option:
This product was added to our catalog on July 18, 2012.

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