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Frequently Asked Questions » I'm building a Joe's R&P machine. What do I need from you guys?
I'm building a Joe's R&P machine. What do I need from you guys?
Welcome Joe's customers! For an R&P machine, you will want 3 of our rack and pinion drive systems. If you are building a standard hybrid machine, then you will need the 3/8" pivot option, as the rack plate pivots on a piece of 3/8" threaded rod rather than the normal 1/2" shoulder bolt. Choose the pulley option that matches with your motor shaft diameter.

If you are building a Cast CNC version of Joe's machine, please order the standard version of the R&P -- this system uses the 1/2" shoulder bolt as a pivot.

If you don't have electronics yet, we highly recommend our own 4 axis electronics kit with (2) 12' and (2) 20' cables for Joe's machines. This system has been tested with Joe's machines, and allows for cutting speeds of up to 200 IPM, with rapids exceeding 600 IPM. Our new motors have 3/8" shafts, so choose the 3/8" pulley option to work with our NEMA 23 electronics kits and motors.