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Media & Info » Design and Make Project Series » Home Key Center - VCarve Walk-through
Home Key Center - VCarve Walk-through
Home Key Center - VCarve Walk-through

Interested in making something for your home or simply learning more about how easy it is to design and make projects with your Avid CNC machine and Vectric VCarve or Aspire?   Check out our complete Vectric VCarve 2.5D walk-through as we make a key ring center.   2.5D (vs. 3D) means we will be focusing on pockets (partial depth cuts), profiles (full depth cuts), and inlays (both).  With these basic ingredients your creation potential is unlimited!  



Working in 2.5D is a very efficient (low machine time) method of creating finished-goods products and with intuitive software such as Vectric VCarve and Aspire it is easy for anyone to design compelling projects.  That said, if you are looking for a 3D project and walkthrough you might check out our 3D Guitar Design and Make series.

Key Holder CAM Preview  Key Center on the CNC Machine

What You'll need to make your own

  1. 12" x 8" x 3/4" wood (or similar)
  2. At least one awesome CNC Machine (You know you are all set if you bought one of our machines!) 
  3. 1/4" Flat Endmill Tool


Source Files  


Design and Make: Home Key Center Project

Watch our video walk-through to see how we designed and made this project in VCarve PRO 8.5 or Vectric Aspire!