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Can I get more gantry clearance on my machine?
We get a lot of requests for a taller gantry on our machines. While we extend the riser extrusion to provide a taller gantry on our PRO Series Machines... (view full topic)
Can I use hot rolled steel / aluminum for my linear guide rails?
We do not recommend using either hot rolled steel or aluminum with our linear motion systems. Both of these materials lack the tolerances and dimensional stability present in cold rolled steel, which... (view full topic)
Do you ship internationally? How much does it cost?
We definitely do! We ship components and machine kits all over the world, and have multiple service offerings available for our international customers. We are also happy to work on custom shipping ... (view full topic)
How accurate will my machine be with your parts?
This is a difficult question to answer with a single number, as the accuracy of a machine is dependent upon multiple factors, including the machine size and design, the components used, and the time a... (view full topic)
I'm building a Joe's R&P machine. What do I need from you guys?
Welcome Joe's customers! For an R&P machine, you will want 3 of our rack and pinion drive systems. If you are building a standard hybrid machine, then you will need the 3/8" pivot option, as the ra... (view full topic)
Should I choose NEMA 23 or NEMA 34 motors?
The decision between NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 motors is primarily a decision about productivity -- NEMA 34 motors can remove material at a higher rate using higher feed rates and deeper cut depths.

Th... (view full topic)

What are the differences between the PRO and Standard Series?
Our Standard series machines make use of affordable components such as Acme lead screws and radial bearings to provide an exceptional value. Our PRO series machines feature higher-performance compone... (view full topic)
What tools do I need to assemble a PRO machine?
For our large format PRO machine kits, we recommend the following tools:

Where are you guys located?
Good question! We're in North Bend WA (close to Seattle) in the good ole US of A.
Which is better, a screw or rack and pinion drive?
The short answer is that both are good for different applications. Each has its pluses and minuses:

Price Acme is typically less expensive, even in multiple start systems.

Maxim... (view full topic)

Why do your R&P units use a belt? Why not direct drive?
While it is possible to drive a system with a gear directly mounted on the motor shaft, there are two severe limitations this introduces.

Torque First and foremost, without a reduction ... (view full topic)

Why should I buy your motors? Company XX has higher torque motor

We get this question a lot: "Company XXX sells motors with a super high stall torque (oz-in) rating -- won't I get better performance from these higher torque motors"? The answer may surprise you!... (view full topic)