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Media & Info » Design and Make Project Series » Custom Pinewood Derby Cars
Custom Pinewood Derby Cars
Custom Pinewood Derby Cars

Interested in making your own custom pinewood derby car, or maybe enough for an entire race series?   With our pinewood derby design template (Fusion 360) you can take your own car design from concept to reality with our Fusion 360 design template.  Make one or make hundreds quickly and efficiently with your Avid CNC Machine. 

This sample project includes the design template that we used to create almost 1400 cars over two weekends at the 2016 Portland and Seattle Maker Faire events as well as specific sample designs consisting of a pickup truck, speed racer, Lotus-inspired formula car, and of course the classic wedge racer!

Avid CNC Dust Shoe Assembled  Dust Shoe Parts Required

Sample Designs

Looking for inspiration?  Check out some of the car's we designed using our Fusion 360 design template.

Avid CNC Dust Shoe Assembled

'Lotus'-Inspired Vintage Formula Car

Avid CNC Dust Shoe Assembled

Sport Truck

Avid CNC Dust Shoe Assembled

Speed Racer

Avid CNC Dust Shoe Assembled

Classic 'Wedge' Racer


Custom Design Template

Our parametric Fusion 360 design template is intended to allow easy creation of custom 3D pinewood derby models that can be machined from a single side (top) of a standard size pinewood derby wood block (though you could get even more creative and try other materials).  

Most of the customization is accomplished by editing the "Side Profile" sketch and dragging the spline fit points.  More advanced users can add their own fit points and even use other sketch primitives (such as lines) to make a truly unique profile.  

There are also a number of parameters that can be modified to change the shape of then front of then car, the filleting amount (rounding of the edges), and control if you have a hood scoop and cockpit (as well as their dimensions)

Avid CNC Dust Shoe AssembledAvid CNC Dust Shoe Assembled

CAM Workspace

The CAM workspace is pre-configured for use with a 1/2" flat endmill tool.  Machining times vary based on geometry and machine capabilities.  Most our cars took between 3 and 4 minutes per car using conservative feeds and speeds.   

CNC Truck CAM Preview

What You'll need to make your own

  1. Pinewood Derby Kit (Available at local hobby stores, Amazon, etc.).  Kit should include Wood Block, Axles, and Wheels.
  2. At least one awesome CNC Machine (You know you are all set if you bought one of our machines!) 

Source Files  

Design and Make: Live Playlist

Check out this playlist to see how we used our Fusion 360 derby design template to make our custom pinewood derby exhibit our most interactive live show yet.   Our Portland Day 2 video includes a brief overview of how to use the design template.