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Electronics » NEMA 23 CNC Electronics » CNC Motor Cable
CNC Motor Cable
CNC Motor Cable
New and improved! Now featuring higher-flex shielded cable, and over-molded resistors at the G540 end of the cable!

These cables are specially designed for CNC applications, and are perfect for connecting our pre-configured motors to the Gecko G540. Standard DB9 cables use small conductors that are completely inappropriate for motor applications, as they are not rated to carry the required current, resulting in excessive heat and power-starved motors. A standard 30 AWG cable will have over an Ohm of resistance in each conductor in a 12 foot length, potentially wasting over 15 Watts of power for a 3.5 Amp/Phase motor. They also have rigid PVC jackets that crack over time as they are bent back and forth.

Our top quality 4 conductor cables use 20 AWG wire with only 0.1 Ohms of resistance per conductor in a 12 foot length. They feature super-high strand count conductors -- each 20 AWG conductor is comprised of 41 individual 36 AWG wires (compared to just 10 strands in standard 20 AWG cable). They feature shielded, strain relieved, overmolded connectors in a highly flexible jacket for cool-running, trouble-free power delivery to your motors. Run them through cable trays or other conduit, and rest-assured they will last through many motion cycles.

These cables also feature an overmolded 3.5 kOhm resistor between pins 1 and 5 on the drive (male) connector side, and a drain wire from the shielding to pin 2 of the cable. This sets the current on a G540 to 3.5A/phase to support our motors and popular motors from other vendors, and minimizes electrical noise both to the drive and other sensitive electronics.

We offer 3 different lengths of cable for different sized machines, including 20 foot cables for larger runs on rack and pinion based machines. Need even longer lengths? Plug multiple cables together to get the cable length you need!

See the difference in our cables in the pictures below -- the fanned out cable shows the 41 strands in each conductor, as well as our new high-flex foil shield.

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This product was added to our catalog on July 13, 2009.

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