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Avid CNC Upgrades » Rotary 4th Axis » Avid CNC Rotary Axis
Avid CNC Rotary Axis
Avid CNC Rotary Axis

The Avid CNC Rotary Axis adds rotary cutting and indexing capabilities to PRO CNC and Benchtop CNC machines.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides both the holding torque required for indexing operations, as well as the speeds sufficient for true rotary milling operations in a production environment.
  • Self-contained within a rigid, all-metal framework to maintain precision alignment between the chuck and tailstock when changing workpieces, regardless of size, even when the entire axis is removed and reinstalled onto your CNC machine.
  • Integrated precision linear rails allow for quick and easy setup for different workpiece sizes, while maintaining the precision alignment of the axis.
  • Software-guided alignment that is fully integrated with our Auto-Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate.
  • Integrated Pepperl + Fuchs inductive proximity sensor provides auto homing and workpiece alignment capabilities.
  • Easy step-by-step assembly and calibration instructions
  • Proudly designed and supported in the USA

Avid CNC Rotary Axis, 1250
Avid CNC Rotary Axis
49" (1250mm) frame length

What's Included
  • 4 Jaw self-centering chuck, inside and outside jaws included
  • Planetary gear reducer
  • Adjustable tailstock, live center included
  • Profile Linear Guide Rails and Bearings
  • Low inductance Nema 34 stepper motor and cable (see product options below)
  • Pepperl and Fuchs inductive homing sensor and sensor cable
  • Aluminum frame, cut to length, drilled, counterbored, and tapped for easy assembly
  • All required fasteners and gussets for mounting to your CNC machine (see product options below)


Mounting Options

The Rotary Axis Kit is designed to be highly versatile and accommodate many different workpiece sizes, while maintaining traditional routing work areas.

It can be mounted to an existing machine parallel with the X or Y axis, or can be recessed into the machine frame to maximize workpiece diameter. Mounting parallel to the Y axis (perpendicular to the machine gantry) maximizes workpiece length, while mounting parallel to the X axis preserves greater traditional routing work area. Recessed mounting can only be achieved parallel to the X axis of the machine.

PRO Series CNC machine mounting options:[2]

  • Table top, parallel or X or Y axis
  • Recessed, parallel to X axis
PRO4848 Rotary Table Top
Avid CNC Rotary Axis, table top mounted
PRO4848 machine kit, 49" (1250mm) Avid CNC Rotary Axis, spoilboard, 3 HP Spindle, NEMA 34 Motors

PRO4848 Rotary Recessed
Avid CNC Rotary Axis, recessed mounted
PRO4848 machine kit, 49" (1250mm) Avid CNC Rotary Axis, spoilboard, 3 HP Spindle, NEMA 34 Motors

Benchtop PRO and Benchtop Standard mounting options:

  • Table top, parallel to Y axis
BTP2424 Rotary
Avid CNC Rotary Axis, table top mounted
BTP2424 machine kit, 39" (1000mm) Avid CNC Rotary Axis, 3 HP Spindle, NEMA 23 Motors

Workpiece Dimensions
Rotary Axis
Frame Length
Maximum Workpiece Length Minimum PRO Series Machine Width (Recessed Installation)
Mounted Parallel to
Y Axis
Mounted Parallel to
X Axis (Recessed)
Inches (mm) Inches (mm) Inches (mm) Feet
39 (1000) 24 (620) N/A N/A
49 (1250) 34 (870) 28 (736) 4
61 (1550) 46 (1170) 40 (1036) 5
72 (1850) 57 (1470) 52 (1336) 6
84 (2150) 69 (1770) 64 (1636) N/A
112 (2850) 97 (2470) 91 (2336) n/a

  • Maximum swing over bed: 8" (when mounted directly to aluminum machine frame)
  • Maximum swing over bed recessed: 12"

Size Selection

To determine the optimal rotary axis length for a specific application, start with the workpiece dimensions.

  • Diameter 8" - 12": PRO Series machines only, recessed mounting required. See chart below for recommended rotary axis length.
  • Diameter less than 8": Mounted parallel to X or Y axis on PRO Series machines, or parallel to Y axis on Benchtop machines. To achieve the maximum workpiece diameter of 8" with table top mounting, rotary frame must be installed directly to the machine frame (no spoil board underneath rotary axis). See chart below for recommended rotary axis length.

To gain complete access to the full Y travel of a machine, the rotary axis length must exceed the length of the machine frame (overall footprint will be affected). The chart below shows the required rotary axis length to maintain access to the full Y travel of the machine.

Narrow down the options by selecting the appropriate machine model and size:
Machine Size:

Maximum rotary length for maximum workpiece length
Machine Model Machine Size Recessed Mounted Table Top Mounted
Rotary Axis Frame Length Rotary Axis Frame Length Total Machine Length (with Rotary axis installed)
PRO 4824 (4' x 2') 49" (1250mm) 49" (1250mm) 58" (1500mm)
PRO 4848 (4' x 4') 49" (1250mm) 72" (1850mm) 82" (2080mm)
PRO 4896 (4' x 8') 49" (1250mm) 112" (2850mm) 121" (3070mm)
PRO 6060 (5' x 5') 61" (1550mm) 84" (2150mm) 93.5" (2380mm)
PRO 60120 (5' x 10') 61" (1550mm) N/A N/A
BTP 2424 (2' x 2') N/A 39" (1000mm) 50" (1270mm)
BTP 2436 (2' x 3') N/A 61" (1550mm) 71.5" (1820mm)
BTS 2424 (2' x 2') N/A 39" (1000mm) 52.5" (1330mm)
BTS 2436 (2' x 3') N/A 61" (1550mm) 74" (1880mm)

Product Options

Mounting kits are available for both recessed and table top mounting:

  • Recessed Mounting Kit includes:
    • (2) Undermount bracket with jack screws for easy alignment of rotary frame
    • (2) Mid-support bracket
    • All fasteners required for recessed mounting
  • Table Top Mounting Kit includes:
    • (4) Gusseted corner bracket for mounting to machine frame or spoil board
    • (1) Aluminum joining bar and bracket for fastening headstock to machine frame
    • All fasteners required for table top mounting

Electronics are available for both Plug & Play and DIY control systems:

Product Notes
  1. The Avid CNC Rotary Axis uses a NEMA 34 960 oz-in stepper motor. A motor adapter cable will be provided to allow compatibility with NEMA 23 control systems. If your control system does not contain a 5th motor driver, please Contact Us for upgrade options. If you are purchasing one of our Plug and Play CNC Control Systems, select the "5th drive upgrade" option.
  2. When ordering a new PRO CNC machine it is recommended to budget 2' of Y travel or 1' of X travel, in addition to your desired traditional routing work area for a permanently installed rotary axis. For example:
    • 4' x 4' traditional work area with rotary axis mounted parallel to the X axis, a 4' x 6' machine is required
    • 4' x 4' traditional work area with rotary axis mounted parallel to the Y axis, a 5' x 4' machine is required


Configuration and Options:
Machine Type:
Electronics Option:
Mounting Option:
Rotary Frame Length:
This product was added to our catalog on May 15, 2019.

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