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Machine Accessories » CNC Laser Systems » Avid CNC 15W Diode Laser System
Avid CNC 15W Diode Laser System
Avid CNC 15W Diode Laser System
The Avid CNC 15W Diode Laser System is the perfect complement to our spindle cutting systems, adding the ability to cut fine details as well as engrave materials before or after machining.
It is arguably the most versatile laser system on the CNC market. Boasting a real 15 watts of optical power as well as a novel design, this compact laser head can cut a wide range of wood-based materials, leather, textiles, plastics, and more, as well as engrave metals such as carbon steel and anodized aluminum.
Featuring an air-actuated Z-deployment system that mounts on either side of an existing PRO Z-axis, the laser can be moved down for cutting, then up and out of the way during spindle or plasma cutting operations.

  • The Opt Lasers 15 Watt Diode laser is one of the most powerful add-on lasers available on the market. Capable of cutting up to 3mm plywood in a single pass, and engraving anodized aluminum as well as carbon and stainless steels
  • The 0.007” wide beam allows cutting and engraving of fine details. The system uses Avid’s Auto Z Touchplate to reference the laser head to the material, and a calibration routine allows users to easily switch between spindle and laser offsets
  • Industrial machined aluminum components provide a rugged, high-precision system, while the laser head is from a trusted leader in reliable diode laser technology. This is a high duty cycle laser meant to work all day, every day.
  • Automatic Deployment. An air-driven actuator system allows the laser to be deployed for use, and then safely retracted above the spindle cutter when completed. No tools, no need to remove and put away the laser when switching to spindle operations.
  • Safe for users. The system comes with OD7+ safety glasses, standard. The system design keeps the laser on the machine and pointed down, with a separate key for arming and disarming the laser.
  • Safe for your machine. The laser actuator is spring-loaded in the “up” position, so a failure of air pressure or an emergency stop immediately retracts it. An air pressure sensor in the control box notifies the user if the system is not ready for use.

15W Diode Laser System

Product Options / Configuration:
To insure compatibility with your CNC control system, you will need to specify the following attributes of your control system:
  • Router / Plasma: Plasma systems include a torch height control card that can interface with the laser controls. Router systems require a small separate breakout board to provide this interface.
  • Current / Pre-2019: Controllers built prior to 2019 will require an updated CRP850-00E and CRP860-00E breakout board in order to work with laser. Contact us if you need assistance identifying the version of your controller.

Configuration and Options:
Controller Version:
This product was added to our catalog on June 5, 2023.

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