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Accessories » Tooling » Other Accessories » Auto Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate
Auto Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate
Auto Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate

Our Auto Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate system allows for quick and precise setting of your tool height and work piece corner/edge location.

Just position the touch plate on top of your material at the corner, connect the clip to your cutting tool, and use the Auto Z Touch Plate function in Mach4. The Z axis will slowly lower until the tool makes contact with the touch plate and then independently contacts the two edges adjacent to the corner. The system will automatically set the Z height and location to that of your work piece, making tool changes and stock changes faster and more reliable.

Auto Z and Corner Finding Touch Plate

Our touch-plate is reversible for Z height-only applications! Simply flip it over to use the side without the corner-finding features. The brass spring-loaded contact pad on both sides provides a unique safety feature that helps prevent tool or machine damage in the event of an error during tool setting.

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This product was added to our catalog on November 12, 2013.

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