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CNC Retrofit » CNC Cutting Systems » 8.7 HP Plug and Play Spindle / VFD System
8.7 HP Plug and Play Spindle / VFD System
8.7 HP Plug and Play Spindle / VFD System

The 8.7 HP (6.5 kW) Plug and Play Spindle / VFD system is our most powerful cutting solution, maximizing production output through increased material removal rates (MRR).

It is preconfigured to run with any of our CNC Electronics Systems and Kits, or can be integrated into most other CNC electronics configurations.

Key Features
  • Plug and Play operation with our current CNC Electronics Systems and Kits (retrofit options are available for previous configurations).
  • More power. Our 8.7 HP (6.5 kW) spindle has a speed range of 1000 - 24,000 rpm, providing constant torque from 1000 - 18,000 RPM and achieving peak output at 18,000 RPM. This allows for shorter cycle times with larger step-overs and greater depth-of-cut.
  • Longer lasting, designed for continuous use in production environments. The spindle's electric cooling fan allows for operation at lower RPMs.
  • High-quality air-cooled spindle offers simple, reliable, and durable operation (does not require a liquid cooling solution).
  • ER32 Collet system accepts up to 3/4" shank tooling.
  • Compatible with 3-phase 208VAC or single-phase 240VAC power (30A 3-phase circuit recommended). [1][2]

Package Includes
  • Hiteco 8.7 HP (6.5 kW) air-cooled spindle
  • 1/2" ER32 collet and balanced ER32 collet nut
  • VFD enclosure
    • Industrial variable-frequency drive (VFD)
    • 10' Power cord (with plug for L21-30 style receptacle) [1]
    • 30A breaker (for protection of the inverter)
    • Industrial rotary switch with locking feature
    • Industrial high-flex cable with locking M23 connection between VFD enclosure and spindle
    • Control cable with 14-pin locking connection between VFD enclosure and CNC control electronics
    • 400mm x 400mm x 200mm industrial NEMA enclosure
    • 24V power supply for spindle's electric cooling fan
    • Cooling fan for VFD enclosure electronics

6 kW CNC Spindle and VFD Plug and Play System from Avid CNC

8.7HP Plug & Play Spindle / VFD System

Spindle Comparison

Evaluating the Material Removal Rate (MRR) is an indicator of the efficiency of a cut. This is a combination of depth-of-cut, width-of-cut, and feed rate. The increased power of our 8.7 HP (6.5 kW) Spindle / VFD system allows for higher MRRs and increased production.

Comparison tests were conducted in maple hardwood with a PRO CNC machine, NEMA 34 motors, and an Amana RC-2241 1.5" tool. Chipload was set to the tool manufacturer's recommended maximum of 0.008 inches per tooth.

4 HP (3 kW)
Spindle / VFD
8.7 HP (6.5 kw)
Spindle / VFD
MRR (in3/min) 95 219
Spindle Speed (RPM) 24,000 24,000
Tool RC-2241 RC-2241
Depth-of-cut (in) 0.1625 .375
Width-of-cut (in) 1.5 1.5
Feed Rate (in/min) 390 390

Comparison of Avid CNC 4 HP and 8.7 HP Spindles
Avid CNC 4 HP spindle (left) and Avid CNC 8.7 HP spindle (right)

Recommended Accessories

Compatibility Options
The compatibility options available include additional components for integrating this system with our previous CNC electronics systems, or with DIY CNC electronics.
  1. CRP800 - Our current CRP800 Plug and Play CNC Control Systems (NEMA 23 and NEMA 34) are "Spindle Ready" and require no additional components to work with this Spindle / VFD system.
  2. CRP500 - this option includes a gland connector for integrating with either our previous NEMA 23 Plug and Play Systems (systems with CRP5042 digital drivers that were built prior to February 2015).
  3. CRP300 - this option includes an additional PMDX-107 Isolated Speed Control card and gland connector for integrating with our previous NEMA 34 Plug and Play Systems (systems with Gecko G201X or G203V drivers, and PMDX-126 breakout board).

Product Notes
  1. Three-phase 200-240VAC power must be a three-wire or four-wire Wye system. Three-phase 380-480VAC power must be stepped down to three-phase 200-240VAC (typically 208VAC). Additional information can be found in our Spindle / VFD System Power Requirements.
  2. Operating the 8.7 HP (6.5 kW) Spindle / VFD system on single-phase power will reduce the spindle's peak horsepower to 6.4 HP (4.7 kW), and the achievable material removal rate may be reduced by up to 27% depending on the material, tooling, and cutting parameters used. A three-phase to single-phase plug adapter is included for use with NEMA L6-30 receptacles. For single-phase applications, a 30A 220V circuit is required.


Configuration and Options:
Compatibility Option:
This product was added to our catalog on September 18, 2020.

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