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Welcome to Avid CNC

We offer professional machine tools with step-by-step instructional materials and support to provide everyone with access to CNC technology.

Our PRO CNC line features a unique large-format machine design that integrates high-performance components, like profile linear guides, precision ballscrews, and our PRO rack and pinion drive system, on a modular platform that provides you with the flexibility to scale and expand your machines along with your production needs (and physical space) as they grow over time.


Our Benchtop CNC line includes a series of smaller footprint CNC machines ideal for any workshop or garage, including both entry-level and high-precision, industrial CNC machines.

Avid CNC Benchtop PRO

All of our machines are powered by advanced all-digital motor drivers that are perfectly matched with our low-inductance motors and can be configured at either of two levels.

Our Nema 23 Electronics provide an affordable and very capable system for users who are less concerned with cutting speed, but want a reliable and easy to use system.

For production shops, commercial users, or those with very large machines, our Nema 34 Electronics packages offer increased power, greater speed, and higher depth of cut.
The Support section of this site includes detailed machine assembly instructions, product setup and troubleshooting guides, complete sets of plans for many of our machines and components, tutorials, and more. New content is added often, and our plans and instructions are updated frequently.

Questions about our machines or your application?
We're always happy to help - please Contact Us to start the conversation!